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How Pixel Analytics Helps in Growth?

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Whether you are running a website, an e-Commerce store, or an affiliate program for digital or physical products, it is most important to keep track of your incoming traffic and its various sources. Traffic coming to the websites come in 4 categories include Organic Traffic, Referral or Affiliate Traffic, Social Traffic, and Direct Traffic.


It is important to measure the activities from each of these traffic sources. Activities include Dwell Time that stays time on the website (an important factor for Google’s Algorithm), landing pages information, customers that initiated add to cart, successful conversions, and top-selling products or blogs.

Ad campaigns are a great way to increase customers and ultimately increase revenue for the website. Ad campaigns need to be targeted to customers who are more likely to interact and make purchases. Successful ad campaigns are those in which data is analyzed and customers are categorized from the data gathered through these campaigns.


All of these activities can be measured by integrating Pixel Analytics from all the sources correctly into the website. Correctly integrating Pixels from each source into the website requires expertise and attention to detail.

Once the integration is completed, the website is ready to receive incoming traffic with correct information about the sources and customer behavior on the website. Starting from funnels and sources to landing pages, all analytics are accurately shown in the analytics section.


By knowing the accurate analytics, ad campaigns can be targeted and retargeted to customers with better strategies. For example, increased abandoned carts by customers coming through an ad campaign exhibits extravagant prices that suggest owners reconsider their price range for such an audience. This can only be possible when complete information about analytics is gathered.

Analytics coming from affiliates help website owners determine which affiliate marketing campaign is bringing more viewers and sales and which affiliate market has poor performance. In this way site owners can better focus on good performing affiliates and drive more viewers and sales from them.


By getting the right information with accurately integrated analytics, websites can measure performance from each source separately and start new ad campaigns based on previous customer behavior on the website. Complete analytics setup gives a clear direction to websites for future marketing strategies and campaigns. If you are dealing with a number of affiliates and marketing channels, then it is highly recommended to obtain professional analytics integration services.

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