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Managing tax on e-commerce platforms is quite technical. Each zone has a different tax rate and some places have a minimum threshold for taxation. When tax is not managed properly, it may result in double taxation or non-compliance which can cause a severe blow to the business. Configuring tax mechanically on WooCommerce is a hectic task that one can find difficulty in without prior tax knowledge. As most of the online stores do not have a tax ecosystem or internal auditors, therefore,  tax managing is sourced out to other third-party service providers. As of now digital goods also fall within the taxable category in the US (some states) and EU countries, therefore these plugins help calculate real-time tax on each product based on the location of the buyer. On WooCommerce there are multiple service providers that give their tax plugins and give services by extension integration to the WooCommerce website.

WooCommerce Tax Plugins List and Services

There are 6 WooCommerce tax plugins available at the extensions store. These plugins deduct taxes according to the local tax laws of the buyer’s destination addresses. Through these integrations, store owners can calculate and charge exact taxes to the users according to the specific tax zones. These extensions offer easy sales tax or VAT collection without prior configurations. Following are the plugin extensions offered on WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Tax

It is powered by Jetpack and collects taxes by city, state, or country. It is offered in 30 countries. WooCommerce Tax is best for single-store owners. It is a free plugin.

EU VAT Number

This extension is developed by WooCommerce and offers valid businesses to pay taxes at their stores by entering their VAT number in the plugin. EU valid businesses can benefit from this plugin. It costs $29 annually.

WooCommerce AvaTax

AvaTax calculates accurate tax rates from each state in the US. It offers easy tax filing from its simple software. AvaTax known as Avalara is developed by Skyverge and handled by WooCommerce. It is a free plugin but requires a paid Avalara account to integrate with the WooCommerce store. It is compliant with multiple tax jurisdictions in the US.



TaxJar is similar to AvaTax with the addition of offering tax calculation services worldwide. TaxJar is a free plugin on WooCommerce and it requires a paid TaxJar account to operate. It also helps in reporting and filing taxes with simple interface software. It is compliant with multiple jurisdictions throughout the world and provides automatic filing of taxes.

Disability VAT Exemption by OPMC

OPMC developed a plugin that offers VAT exemption for charities and disabled individuals. It deducts VAT on the order screen by putting the registration number. This also lets business owners define eligibility per product. It costs $29 annually for integration on WooCommerce.


WooCommerce Taxamo by OPMC

OPMC also offers another tax calculation plugin extension that collects real-time location data of customers without inconvenience. It is in compliance with VATMOSS that is EU VAT regulations. It is annually charged $79. It has extensive tax reporting tools and a strong API for location evidence of customers.

All these plugins are available at the WooCommerce marketplace under the Store Management category and Tax subcategory.


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