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WooCommerce Subscription Plugins

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Subscriptions on WooCommerce provide repeated income to online stores by charging customers after specific intervals. Subscriptions are optimum for gaining recurring payments on the store. WooCommerce subscriptions can be availed for billing digital products, selling memberships, or even for physical products that need renewals after a specific time period.


Buying digital products at a premium price is not preferred by many customers, therefore splitting the cost into regular intervals increases the chances of repeated conversions and the product or service can be charged for a lifetime.


The subscription model in modern e-commerce is well appreciated and people tend to opt for subscriptions over one-time premium price purchases. There are generally 3 types of subscriptions which customers can subscribe at regular intervals on WooCommerce or other e-commerce platforms:

Physical Product / Digital Product Subscription creates regular delivery of goods or services to the customers subscribing to such products or digital services. This includes any physical product that needs to be delivered at regular intervals or any digital product or service that requires renewal or update to keep functioning properly.

Membership Subscription involves services that are members exclusive only. These are often for a longer period and renewal or resubscription is required to keep enjoying such services. It may include any membership journal site, online course, members exclusive content, and offers. This subscription model is growing prospects in the online e-commerce marketplace.

Email Subscription is often given free by many e-commerce platforms but sometimes email subscriptions are charged for giving paid subscribers promo codes, discounts, or exclusive offers to gain profit from an already established base.

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All these models are growable by applying correct strategies according to the type of product or service provided. Not all products are eligible for the subscription model as it heavily depends on the price of the product and its use by the customers.


WooCommerce hosts 40 subscription plugins that automatically charge from the valid payment method of the customers as subscribers. These plugins aid in attaining exponential growth of WooCommerce websites of the business owners by bringing recurring payments from an established customer base. These subscription plugins or extensions provide easy integration with the WooCommerce website and catch payments regularly and send notifications to the customers. These also help in bringing new customers for subscriptions with their easy-to-subscribe procedures.

Following plugins can be integrated with WooCommerce:

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All these plugins are available at the WooCommerce extension store and work best for the subscription model of business.

All these plugins have different purposes, if you want further counseling on what to choose for your specific business, give us a call.


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