Reporting Plugins

WooCommerce Reporting Plugins


WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce plugin that is in itself a complete plugin that functions independently. As an e-commerce store owner, it is very important to know about the store performance to increase growth and make effective marketing strategies.

WooCommerce shows basic analytics in its inbuilt plugin that includes total income, number of orders, and refunded orders. Therefore, it is important to have more performance reports about the store to know how the store is performing. These reports give real-time data to the owners to focus on more crucial aspects of the business and make marketing strategies on those reports.

WooCommerce gives store owners the freedom to integrate any plugin from the extensive extension marketplace to their e-commerce stores. These reporting plugins give live feedback to the users and gives them an overview of specific pages and products that are performing well. These special reporting plugins are built to give minute details regarding store performance.

Features of Best Reporting Plugins

Best Reporting Plugins on WooCommerce give the following insights to the owners:

Customer Information

Detailed information regarding customers, their locality, preferences, bounce rate, the likeness of products/services, and other analytics.

Marketing Strategy Plan

It gives insights regarding the performance of specific marketing campaigns and specific product performance. It shows which product needs more optimization and which one is performing well in terms of revenue or views.

Inventory Management

It reports to the owner about which product inventory needs update and which product has not moved. Therefore, overall insight about stock and its management is portrayed to the owners, so that they can take better decisions for improving their store.

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Store Analytics

It gives a general overview of the store performance including views, site visits, page visits, product visits, reached checkouts, conversions, sales reports of specific products, sales reports of group products, website revenue with income, website marketing expenses, website maintenance expense and other detailed insights.

The purpose of these reporting plugins is to equip the owners with the latest information about store performance and it is the only benefit of e-commerce stores that owners can have precise data about store performance. Acting on the data shown they can twist marketing strategies, drop non-performing products, optimize revenue-generating products and have it all in their brains while they opt for any changes.

Reporting Plugins at WooCommerce Extension Marketplace

WooCommerce extension store offers 20 such reporting plugins that give insights to stores when integrated with them. Following are the reporting plugins available at the WooCommerce marketplace.

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All these plugin extensions are available for integration with the WooCommerce store to get instant updates on store insights and detailed analysis of store performance.


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