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Social Proof Marketing

As today tens of thousands of WooCommerce stores have emerged and the number is ever-increasing. Therefore, it is important to keep online stores on modern footings. Customers often avoid shopping from stores that lack genuineness and tend to rely on credible stores. So, the question arises that what makes a store credible for customers to shop.


The one-liner to this question is social proof. Social proof prompts customers and visitors that this store is credible and they can rely on shopping from this store. Social proof is a technique that encourages visitors to take positive action that is to buy a product. It is a combination of different ways that attract customers by showing that other people have verified the product and they have bought it before from this store. Social proof is an act of influencing a potential customer by the collective action of a group.

There are a number of ways to enhance social proofing on a WooCommerce store that gives store owners an organic marketing strategy to increase conversions and sales. Some of these social proof marketing strategies include:

Featured Products Showcasing


By highlighting the most popular products in a store more and more customers will be attracted to purchase them. By creating a separate list of the most popular and featured products, it gives social proof to viewers and customers.


Showcasing Store Orders


By showcasing the number of orders the store has received for a product or in general creates social proof and attracts customers by verifying the details of the processed orders on the WooCommerce store.


Showcasing Social Posts


Social media is a great way to market an online store, therefore embedding social media posts on the online store is another way to market via social proof.


pixel setup 2

Real Images and Videos


A review from a customer with a real photo or video of the product gives ultimate credibility and encourages others to take positive action on the store. It is the ultimate social proof technique that can harness the best results.


Reviews from Customers


By far the most successful technique to earn credibility is by showing real reviews about the product. New stores often lack reviews, so actively asking the customers to leave reviews and rewarding them in return will generate multiple reviews and give credibility to the website.

WooCommerce Social Proof Available Plugins

For adding social proof marketing there are a number of plugins available at the WooCommerce extension store. Following extensions are available for integration with WooCommerce online store:

woo vs shopify 1

All these plugins are specifically made to increase social proof of the WooCommerce website. If you are reluctant to choose plugins, contact our experts to get the best deal for you and integrate it with your WooCommerce store, so you can increase revenue seamlessly.


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