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Woocommerce Email Template Designer Plugins


In today’s competitive online E-commerce environment, it is very important to stand out for making a lasting impression on the customers and the best way to engage with customers is via email. It has been noted that most of the revenue that comes to an online store is through email marketing by sending sale copies to the returning customers. Therefore, emails should represent something in order for it to be meaningful. Emails that are sent with conventional templates and designs lack brand representation. For a successful email marketing campaign, emails should have brand design or specific niche design to attract customers.

A custom design email shows brand authority and above that, it creates a positive aura towards brand recognition.

WooCommerce has a built-in email template but it lacks customization and designing for a layman store owner, therefore, the WooCommerce extension store offers a number of premium paid and free extension plugins for email template designs.

These plugin extensions for email template provides unique designs specifically which store owners can utilize to create their own brand. These designer plugins offer unique layouts and designs.

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Some common features include:

WooCommerce extension store offers 21 email promotion templates, designer plugins in the marketplace. There are third-party and WooCommerce developed apps and plugins for email designing and customizing. WooCommerce email layout plugins are as following:

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All these Plugins are available at the marketplace of WooCommerce. It is up to the store owners what type of email marketing campaign they want to try including call-to-action emails, cold emails, follow-up emails, newsletters, invoice messages, or promotional messages.


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