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Let's compare Nopcommerce and WooCommerce...

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WooCommerce vs Nopcommerce

Which One is a Better Ecommerce Platform?

Who's going to conquest the mark?

Establishing an eCommerce business is quite a task. It is not easy to decide upon the platforms from where you want to launch. Setting it up is not the only task, but keeping the sales boosted every second hour is another hurdle that needs concern. But this is not that much of rocket science too. All you need is a good analysis of the various platforms on your hit list.

Well, I’ll try to make sure that you get that analysis right here, so you don’t have to hassle around worrying about it.

So, let’s kick it off.


Talking about Nopcommerce, it is open-source software .NET Core eCommerce platform that fits into any business size, whereas; Woocommerce is a plug-in for WordPress with an inbuilt CMS feature. While both provide free forum support, they are highly active online communities with a well-developed marketplace.

Neither of them provides you with one-page checkout options; Woocommerce doesn’t let you work on multiple platforms and facilitates multi-currencies as well. Though Nopcommerce is free but at times, it demands extra dollars for the premium benefits, while for Woocommerce, all you need is WordPress, and you are good to go.

Nopcommerce gives you a choice to download products, rent products, and even buy certain products and then pay for them monthly, weekly, etc.

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Build And Technology Aspects

Nopcommerce runs on the advanced ASP .NET Core, making it secure, reliant, and suitable to work with. Being open-source software, it lets various people work on it. WooCommerce predominantly works with WordPress.

Nopcommerce has a RESTful API plugin, while Woocommerce has WP REST API.

Templates + Themes

Nopcommerce offers a massive range of themes for you to work upon because, after all, designs matter when it comes to eCommerce, eye-catching templates draw more attention of the viewers and make their stay at your page for long and for this, Nopcommerce gives you around 170 themes of which some are free too.

Talking about Woocommerce, it gets bounded to only a few themes and thus, restricting you too.

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NopCommerce Plugins

With a whopping 1500 plugins, Nopcommerce has categories for them, 8 in number:

WooCommerce Plugins

Woocommerce comes with 6 plugins:



Partnering with the world’s leading 150 .NET developer companies, Nopcommerce takes the lead here, while Woocommerce has partnerships with only 16 companies.

Nopcommerce has 3 categories of partners:


Though Nopcommerce is free but certain features can only be accessed only after spending a few bucks. Some of the paid features include- a few 100 themes, customer support, copyright key, etc.

Talking about Woocommerce, it is the same as Nopcommerce here. It is also free but getting domain names and hosting requires you to spend money. However, Woocommerce would take the lead over here as its customer support is free.

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Considering factors like basic features, plugins, technology, themes, and templates, Nopcommerce wins for sure, though, as far pricing is considered; Woocommerce is for sure budget-friendly, but then again, what comes free? Though Nopcommerce might be a bit expensive, but it has massive features to give, which are worth it. Having said that, it all boils down to what suits you.

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