Continue the conversation with your prospects by doing this one thing to see consistent sales!

So you create an offer for your product and service and you think everyone is just going to jump on board and buy right away! The hope vs reality is two different things! You can hope for purchase on the first go, or you can live within reality and gain trust and confidence with your potential prospect.

The statistics tell a story of consumer behavior.

  •  In 2017 Ecommerce Cart Abandonment was at an all-time high of 78.65%. With mobile having the highest cart abandonment rates and desktop having the lowest. People often view on their phone and buy on their desktop.
  • For Service leads the statistics are all over the place. From 7 to 50 points of contact before they join you on your quest to help them.

So what’s this one thing you speak of Joel? Its called Remarketing.

Remarketing involves targeting customers who have already viewed something on your site or demonstrated an interest in your products. It offers a means of re-engaging customers who might have been browsing pages on your site but did not follow through with a conversion.

How can you reach customers that have already been to your site? The one way to do this is by installing a piece of javascript code onto your website from all of the major sources of traffic.

The Big Ad Cartel of Google, Facebook, and Bing/Yahoo/LinkedIn know the statistics, and want their advertisers to be profitable so they continue to advertise with them. Each one of these traffic sources has its own remarketing pixel.

  • Google – Ads Remarketing Tag. It’s separate than Google Analytics. It usually starts with AW-XXXXX as the id.
  • Microsofts Bing/Yahoo –  Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag across your website
  • LinkedIn – Insight Tag (They provide actionable data on LinkedIn Users visiting your site in the Ads Beta Web Site Demographics)
  • Facebook Pixel – provide actions taken by visitors and some demographic information
  • Twitter – Conversion Tag, which is how oneway twitter generates tailored audiences. You generate this tag in the twitter ads ui.
  • SnapChat – Pixel Code. this is a javascript code that can be found in the snapchat ad account.
  • Pinterest Pixel Tag – is a javascript snippet that will track conversions and do remarketing of your pinterest ads.
  • There are other remarketing services that will help with specific ad

Each one should be set up on your site. Each tracks events that are taking place on your site so you can follow a prospect’s journey then you can divide those audiences into retargeting subsets within the remarketing for a higher conversion rate.

As you consistently advertise or even do SEO and add remarketing you will see an increased conversion rate over time. The more time your ad is shown the higher the conversion rate. The creep factor is way overblown as people would rather see ads that interest them than ads that are way off from what they are into.

Even if you don’t advertise and only do SEO you can place all the pixels and only do retargeting ads on the before named platforms to help both your SEO and your brand.

Placing pixels from each of these traffic sources can be done in several ways. Each requires some technical skills but tools continue to make it easier to place these pixels onto your site.

1.) By google tag manager and placing each pixel into your master tag.

2.) Placing each pixel individually onto your site.

3.) For CMS like WordPress, Joomla, drupal and others often there are plugins that can help you place pixels.

If you need help with all this remarketing pixel mumbo jumbo, reach out I am happy to help! Click here for a free remarketing consult

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