Analytics & Pixel

Why is Pixel Analytics Crucial?


Well, for starters it is important to keep track of activities on your website or E-commerce store along with the flow of traffic. Traffic flow gives information regarding customer behavior on the WordPress website, WooCommerce store, or any other CMS platform for running websites. Likewise, customer interaction with the website or online store gives insights into the type of traffic coming on the website. By analyzing these trends new marketing strategies relating to content or products are initiated. It is the determining factor for the longevity of the website and its health.


The traffic that comes to the website usually comes as a result of different marketing strategies and via different paths known as funnels. To analyze the workability of a platform, it is important to know how many customers are coming through that specific platform and what actions those customers are taking on the website. Configuring these different platforms on the website requires due diligence and expertise.

Affiliates that work with your websites on a commission basis or any other terms should have integrated analytics on the websites so that website owners can have real-time analysis of the sales, traffic and actions taken on the web pages. This way, it is easy to focus on channels and affiliates that are performing well and have the potential for increasing traffic and sales. It also gives exact data regarding sales that are initiated via a specific affiliate. Giving commissions and analyzing the channels becomes easy when pixel analytics are set up properly for all affiliates.

Any missing configuration disables the websites from giving accurate analytics data, which may result in inefficient and useless ad campaigns, incapable strategies, and loss of potential revenue. It will cause wastage of money and time and abrupt campaigns never bring any dividend value to the websites.

On the other hand, the configuration is quite a hectic task that requires skills to integrate Pixel Analytics on all funnels and channels drawing traffic to the websites. WP Concierges hosts experts from all fields to give the best configuration to the clients and set up Analytics in a proper format. Our experts can also code to integrate Pixel Analytics on all platforms to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the detailed analytics.


WP Concierges Analytics & Pixels service provides complete integration of all platforms on the websites. It includes integration of pixel setup of all social platforms, affiliate programs, email and newsletters, and ad campaigns analytics. It will help you gain customers that better match your niche and give potential sales for your online store or websites. It will give complete insights regarding the actions taken on your website. It will give complete information about landing pages, product pages, how many people added to the cart, and how many customers reached the checkout.


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