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Affiliate Pixel Setup

When starting your affiliate marketing journey, it’s important to make sure that you’re measuring everything correctly. Why? Because affiliates are spending their hard-earned money purchasing your products, and driving their followers to your site through their recommendations. The only way that they (and you) get paid is when those followers complete a purchase and convert! 


Accurate tracking is also a great way to catch any sort of affiliate marketing fraud. If your tracking isn’t set up correctly, it’s easier for unscrupulous individuals to game the system! 

Weekly Analytics Calls

The numbers tell a story, and we’re here to help you make sense of those numbers. We’ll review your analytics with you each week, and suggest action items based on what we’re seeing in the data patterns.


We can review data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

analytics weekly call
analytics setup

Analytics Setup

When you’re advertising across multiple channels, you’ll want to make sure that your efforts are bringing results. We’ll set up your analytics so that you can track conversions across multiple channels.

For example, if someone comes to your site through a Facebook ad, leaves, then completes a purchase after clicking on a remarketing ad that they saw on a website, we’ll track that as one conversion.

Pixel Troubleshooting

Picture this: You’re reviewing your sales and website events, and the numbers aren’t adding up. Now, your whole process is thrown off. We can go in, take a look around, and get you back up and running in no time!

Additional Resources

We are keen to provide you the benefits from our additional resources. Checkout our new articles on pixel and analytics.


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