5 Ways to Increase Conversions this Holiday Season

For E-commerce store owners, the holiday season brings the prospect of increased revenues and engagements on their online stores. There is an escalated trend of online shopping among customers throughout the world for online shopping, especially in holiday seasons. 5 ways that store owners can use to maximize their gains in holidays are simple.


Mobile Optimization

Mobile users have frequently increased over the past years and customers usually place orders and interact with stores with their mobile devices. The daunting question of how to increase the conversion rate on mobiles can be solved with an inclusive customer experience. Stores should be mobile-friendly and fit to mobile screens with an easy scrolling design and overall layout. Checkout and payment pages should host all the activity in the same window. Integrating all major payment gateways in the website’s own checkout page increases customer retention and therefore increases conversions for online stores. Page load time should be optimal for large incoming traffic and should not slow down the page performance. WP Concierges provides expertise in site audit and performance. Having trouble with site maintenance, experts at WP Concierges will fix all bugs and enhance performance for a better user experience.


Cheap Fast Shipping

The trend has changed where previously customers opted for free shipping now want fast shipping of their products. Offer fast shipping with cheap prices instead of delayed free shipping. Offering multiple shipping types can leverage conversions by giving liberty to choose from what suits them the best. Adjust extra costs in the products rather than in shipping costs, this makes customers see value resulting in prompt conversions.


Personalized Shopping Experience

Valuing customers results in the best conversions. Give customers unique products that fit right to their expectations and demands. Use specialized chatbots to engage with customers. Send out personalized emails using Mailpoet or other email templates tools. For ad campaigns advertise to customers with the best analytics and previous customer behavior on the store. Retargeting to customers that have shown interest in the store is more likely to buy than those who are shown ad the first time. Giving a personal touch goes a long way and making a rich personalized experience will give maximum conversions and bring sales to the online stores.


Bundle Promotions

Giving bundle products in a single order increases conversion rates. Customers see the right bundles as an opportunity to get value for their orders. Sending out emails with the right products coupled creates a surge in customers to go for the bundle instead of single items. Decrease bundle price and offer value in it. E-commerce stores sending promotional offers in holiday seasons are more likely to increase conversions soaring sales.


Time Scarcity Offers

Creating limited-time offers rushes customers to initiate purchases instantly. Give time-limited discounts in the holiday season. Offer discount codes in ad campaigns, create urgency in customers to buy products with real-time discounted prices. Customers seeing lowered prices will increase conversions. On special occasions, customers look for the best-valued gifts for their loved ones, and seeing discounted offers surges instant sales in products.

All these changes when made will definitely increase sales. and help E-commerce stores get prepared ahead of holiday seasons. Facing difficulty in maintaining website performance, experts at WP Concierges will handle that for you.

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